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Burkina Faso: A major cyber attack

In Burkina Faso, a dozen government and institutional websites have come under attack. Several hackers have been hacking into customs and mining ministry websites since the end of last week. These sites, which were under the control of the hackers, were recovered by the government's IT security services. The attacks were carried out by groups of hackers of Indonesian, Albanian and Sudanese origin.

The hackers attacked a server hosting several Burkinabe government websites. Around ten government websites were attacked. The sites displayed " we've taken control of your site " It includes an image and a link directing users to the hackers' Facebook pages.

Among the sites attacked were those of the customs authorities, the Ministry of Agriculture, the National School of Administration and Magistracy and the Ministry of Mines. These sites had been under the control of the hackers since the end of last week, before old versions began to be put online.

No link with WannaCry

According to IT security expert Younoussa Sanfo, these attacks are the work of three groups of hackers. Some sites were attacked by AnoaGhost. Their leader is believed to be an Indonesian by the name of Muhammad Beranda. The second group is made up of Albanian hackers and finally, there are also Sudanese hackers.

The IT security expert points out that these attacks are not the result of a series of attacks from hacking to the WannaCry virus. An international computer attack which, last week, blocked millions of computers until a ransom was paid. The hackers exploited the vulnerabilities", stresses Younoussa Sanfo, "because the sites attacked were developed without taking security into account. And these flaws had been known about since 2012.

Source: RFI